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Neelendra Nath (Meetup)
Mariana Conde
Mariana Conde (Member) sent a message to the London OpenCoffee Meetup mailing list
TV advert: A great opportunity

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. 

I'm a casting director and entrepreneur, specialising in "non-actors" casting. 

I'm looking for motivated and positive people who are looking to go on a health kick and lose a few pounds to take part in an advertising campaign.

The advert is for XLS-Medical, who are giving away a free personalised health and slimming package to 10 applicants with 4 of them being paid to be in the final TV advert. It’s a really positive project and I’m trying to reach people who'd really benefit and enjoy it.

If you know anyone who might be interested, please feel free to spread the word!

Anyone interested can fill in our application form online:
or contact us via email on [hidden email] or mobile on 07535 590 903. 

Many thanks,

Mariana Grant


Mariana Conde Grant.

Casting Producer/Director

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