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noah hitchcox (Meetup)
Fiona (Member) sent a message to the London OpenCoffee Meetup mailing list
Cash Flow Improvement Workshops
Hello O'ccers,

I thought this might interest some of you. We have few upcoming Cash Flow Improvement workshops aimed at CEOs/Business Owners/MDs of growing businesses below.

Kind regards,

BMIM Cash Flow

Upcoming Cash Flow Events for Growing Businesses

We're excited to unveil our upcoming events designed especially for forward-looking CEOs of established growing businesses. Come along, it is fun and we have a room full of great people!
How fast can your business afford to grow organically
How fast can your business afford to grow organically?
23rd May 2019

Look at your business through the lens of cash flow and how to discover the shortfall created by growth. You will learn how to prevent any money cracks and gaps that are likely to appear as you develop your business..
Book now
HSBC & BMIM Cash Flow: Cash Flow and Cakes
23rd June 2019

HSBC and BMIM Cash Flow are collaborating to bring together a practical interactive workshop to gain an insight into what really makes money in your business which is directly related to what banks are looking for before they lend.
Book now
cash flow and business value
Best kept secrets for improving Cash Flow and boosting Business Value
27th June 2019

Gain insight into what will really makes money in your business. Double your cash flow and your business value and triple your profitability. You will learn how to boost the value of your business and make money in the process.
Book now
Training for Executives to boost Cash Flow and triple Returns
Training for Executives to boost Cash Flow and triple Returns
7th June 2019

Learn how to manage cash flow like a Pro…even if you a non-finance CEO. In this recognisably different training Business Money expert, Bibi Martin, will outline the entire process she’s used to help CEOs achieve outstanding results.
Book now
Anjni Shah
"Wonderful, Impressive, Exciting workshop! I have really been enjoying the events put together by BMIM, especially the closed workshops. They provide so much extra insight that you are able to effectively apply to your business. The value is being able to read your business from a different perspective, and being able to use this to aid with senior decision making."

- Anjni Shah, Finance Director
Kostas Kapelas

"Amazing workshop!
Eye opening and a must-have knowledge for business owners!"

- Kostas Kapelas, Founder
Justin Fish

"Practical workshop: Detailed analysis of what I need to know when reading the accounts. I can know and see what areas of the business requires in more detailed analysis."

- Justin Fish, General Manager
Julia Dobrynina

"Very useful and practical workshop, which gets you to think deeper about your business finances. I will try to implement it on my business."

- Julia Dobrynina, Director
Tim Walker

"Informative and a good way at looking at accounts differently. I've learnt to make small changes to many aspects to get a big result"

- Tim Walker, CEO

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