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Erin (Meetup)
georgina cotton (Member) sent a message to the London OpenCoffee Meetup mailing list
Budgeting is a dynamic process...

Budgeting is a dynamic process 
a static document estimating income & expenditure for a set time period

I am running a FREE seminar looking at making the most of your budget
on Wednesday 24th October @ 8:30 to 9:30


Learn how to:-

·         Let your budget be a tool in realising your strategy

·         Plan now to maximise profits

·         Set a budget that reflects the business goals

·         Measure actual results against objectives

·         Respond positively and quickly to the ups and downs in your business performance


Please come along ... It will be held at the co working office that I am based in @ Thomas House, 84 Eccleston Square, London SW1V 1PX

Please book your space by following this link

Have a good weekend

Georgina Cotton

Managing Director

The Accounts Shop


mobile 07917 793667


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