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noah hitchcox (Meetup)

Simon Bone (Member) sent a new message to the London OpenCoffee Meetup mailing list:

Announcing NamerName – The Startup For Naming Your Startup


Hi Guys, just thought I’d drop you a line about a new venture I’m involved with that’s launched today.

As any entrepreneur knows it can take a huge amount of frustrating time to come up with the right name for their company/product/service.

NamerName uses advanced algorithms and direct access to domain name registries to quickly search millions of different combinations and styles to come up with a shortlist of the perfect name.

The service is normally £400 per project but as a launch offer they are offering 3 name search for free (50% discount if you miss out ) if you agree to be used as a case study (which could also be good free PR) – email me simon at zoomlabs dot com for more details.

Kind Regards Simon



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